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I Ain't DEAD

by Gat Turner



They can't believe that the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad is still physically alive.
They won't be able to kill the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.
They poisoned me but I survived.


I Ain't Dead

I ain't dead
When we come up out this quarantine
Niggaz better run my bread

Then run tell dat - to whoever
Just don't mix falsehood with actual facts

Or false prophets with the Man of Truff
Nigga Got a Lil juice but ain't got no fruit

Got a few hoes - ain't got no love
Just cause we Blood - That dont mean we Cuz
In Allah I trust

Shiiit... Family ain't always who a nigga thought they was
They don't always do what you thought they does
Tell the bruhs - few likes - don't make no buzz

Somebody said to do it like that other dude
I ain't him - we ain't them - we them other jews

you can change the game - raise the bar a Lil higher
We gon break them same way we broke them other rules

Gat Turner be a rebel until the house fall
Spit fire nigga just like I doused y'all
In alcohol or lighter fluid
Niggaz wonder how I do it - Wonder Why I do it

Them niggaz got Corona in they facial hair
I tried to use some savior faire - he tried to take it there
It didn't matter - he ain't cut it - I dont even care
Must be ugly as muthafuggah under there

When the music change so do the dance bruh
Make the wrong move and u can catch these hands bruh

Round house u can catch this foot
Baby waiting for a babyplane right on the roof

What u know about a God sent huber
Might go scoop Assata up right out of Cuba
Duck down it's Big Gat the shooter
Big rope, Big rock like Slick Rick the ruler

Big Bully with the Power like 2 quarters
New life - New love - 2 Brand new daughters

Shoot like Craig Hodges and Mahmoud
Murder with Ink like Irv Gotti - Ja Rule

Still drop jewels
Niggaz dropping like flies
No lie I stayed the fuck in my room

Submerged like the men on Mars
Re-emerge - Like 'Guess whooty who got the bars'

I ain't dead
I've been waiting on doomsday
Muthafuggah I ain't scared

Scared of who - Scared of what
I'll brought a knife to a gunfight - who want a cut

Who dat talking bout a piece of dis action
Niggaz think shit sweet like saccharine

Niggaz think shit love like tennis
U gon get this work though from start to finish

Gat Turner got heat like Hades
Word is bond - My spit got Rabies

Niggaz say my spit got cyanide
If I was u Id try to miss dis diatribe

U should know that thang off safety
Im telepathic bruh don't try to play me

Cant drop no seed - Cant offer no Bribe
U cant buy me - U cant sway me

U aint know Dis Chess not Checkers
2 turntables - 12 inch records
Though I make this shit look cheddar
Its the lord of the worlds that's rewarding my efforts


released February 26, 2022
Evolution BeKnown


all rights reserved



Gat Turner Milwaukee, Wisconsin

HipHop FOI, Activist-Lyricist, Soldier-Servant, Writer-Fighter, Word Warrior, Poet of Prophecy, Papa's Choppa, Rifleman that comes 2 lead u 2 the Promised Land.

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