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by Gat Turner



True story...
From the upcoming album - The Death of Gat Turner


It might've come through come my mouth or came through my ear
Traveled through my blood or traveled on my fear

They coming through the music - They coming through the news
Get you through your meds or get you through the schools

It might have been the government - It could have been the Jews
Probably just some nigga that they're using as a tool

Might have been my food - It could have been my drink
Affect the way I move and cloud the way I think

It changed the way I thought
But I never second guessed what I was taught
If I knew how they were coming - Best believe I would've fought

If I would've seen it coming then I probably could've took it
But they caught me by my blindside like Sandra Bullock

I understood - But I still couldn't help but wonder would it

Be the death of me - Father tell me is my life in jeopardy
Either way Allah you can have what's left of me

Take the best of me & leave the rest of me
It's mind over matter - Hell I'll just use telepathy

I know how it feels to be trapped in your flesh
& go to war with yourself - Like the Tribe of Quraish

But I didn't let it break me - It was only a test
Cuz you can't be purified unless your tried like the rest

I'm a 'Poet of Prophecy' - These Devils watching me
You want it, you can get it - I eat 'Beef' with my broccoli

I'm Gat Turner! Aka God's Burner
Fast learner - I got the power to discern a

Fraud and a fake - A spider and a snake
So go ahead spin your web & spit your venom - Devil I can take

Give it your best shot - I'm still on my feet
Still at the Mosque - Still in the street

Still in the studio spitting fire on a beat
Dead of the winter and I still bring the heat

I was incapacitated & dilapidated
I left the Doctor's office very agitated

"I know it's something Mr. Muhammad but I don't know what..."
"In other words... What you're telling me is that I'm F@#*%!"

Man these Devils trying to kill me
You harm my flesh but you can't hurt the real me

The real me is so infinite and hell on a hypocrite
The other me is up a creek though without no benefits

But It's a REAL God and a REAL Christ
My Dear Apostle gave me advice
He said 'My life, death, prayer & my sacrifice... It was ALL for Allah.'

So tell 'em what you seen & tell 'em what you saw
Give your testimony and give it to them raw

Tell 'em how Believers had rushed to your aid
Tell 'em when you thought you were dead - you were saved

Tell 'em how they brought food and water to your home
Tell 'em how they prayed for you Brother on the phone

Tell 'em how He healed you and how you persevered
Tell 'em when you came to the Mosque people cheered

Tell 'em how the Brothers raised money for your rent
& the hypocrite smirked - said he wouldn't give a cent

Tell 'em how he couldn't hide the shock in his eyes
When he realized Gat Turner had survived

After I got POISONED!


released November 30, 2014
Gat Turner; Stolen Art (BMT) production; This track contains a sample from The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, Saviours' Day 1999 Apologia


all rights reserved



Gat Turner Milwaukee, Wisconsin

HipHop FOI, Activist-Lyricist, Soldier-Servant, Writer-Fighter, Word Warrior, Poet of Prophecy, Papa's Choppa, Rifleman that comes 2 lead u 2 the Promised Land.

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