I Am The Mosque

by Gat Turner

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Hit single from the acclaimed work "The Dead MC Scrolls"


I'm a Vice Lord & a Black Stone
I'm a Disciple - I am the backbone

Of the NOI - A mighty FOI
& I'll never die - All I do is multiply

Because I'm mathematics - I am Islam
I am scientific - Like the H-Bomb

That could form a mountain - I got no room for doubting
My cup it runneth over - It's like a water fountain

The well of Zam Zam
I Am that I Am
She knows all about you
Can see you through your webcam

I'm albeit Allah - & that's the House of God
Lord of the Universe - The Sun, The Moon, The Stars

The Stone that fell from heaven
The past, the future, the present
I am Supreme Wisdom - My Mahdi gave me lessons

I got 'em memorized - Now they're crystalized
Man I do for self - I am an enterprise

I'm the institution - that tells Satan, "Loose Him!"
& Look I never bow down - unless I make ablution

I'm the reason that you make a circuit around the Kaaba
& I'm the arm of Allah when shows His Power

The exponent in your worst opponent's master plan
I am the hidden city underneath the Meccan sand

They want to get my wisdom
I am a Muslim/Christian & a Jew - The destroyer of polytheism!

I'm Muhammad when he shook and got revelation
I am Isa (Jesus) at the Transfiguration
I am Musa (Moses) when he brought you civilization
I am Ibrahim (Abraham) when he laid the foundation

I'm the voice of God - I tell the people who's the Boss
Part of a chosen few - the Lost & Found - We paid the cost

I was stolen, raped and murdered - I've suffered loss
That's why I tell the whole world with authority - I AM THE MOSQUE

Outgoing Chorus
I am the Mosque - The Mosque is not a building
I am the Mosque - Father destroyed and rebuilt me

I am the Mosque - Everywhere I put my foot down
I am the Mosque - It's just like a seed sent a root down

I am the Mosque - When I came I was comatose
I am the Mosque - But Farrakhan filled me with the Holy Ghost

I am the Mosque - The sun is rising in the West now
I am the Mosque - The FOI is the best now

I am the Mosque - I'm a place of prostration
I am the Mosque - I'm a citizen in God's Nation

I am the Mosque - They used to say we weren't Muslims
I am the Mosque - Now they say that you ain't real Muslims


released November 30, 2014
Gat Turner; Stolen Art (BMT) production



all rights reserved


Gat Turner Milwaukee, Wisconsin

HipHop FOI, Activist-Lyricist, Soldier-Servant, Writer-Fighter, Word Warrior, Poet of Prophecy, Papa's Choppa, Rifleman that comes 2 lead u 2 the Promised Land.

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