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Niggaz Exist

by Gat Turner



First single off of Gat Turner's final mixtape... #TheTime


Niggaz Exist

Chris Rock – It’s like a civil war going on with Black people… It’s 2 sides. It’s Black people & It’s Niggaz! Niggaz have got to go! Everytime Black people wanna have a good time, ignorant ass Niggaz f*ck it up!
{Niggaz Exist}

See what you’re looking at is Frankenstein’s monster
Crabs in the barrel – A Fish tank full of lobsters

A figment right out of the mind of your enemy
King Kong falling from the Statue of Liberty

Niggaz got snatched up & dropped in a strange place
Now they don’t know God, They be praying to a white face

Niggaz got lost – Niggaz got Willie Lynched
Niggaz got religion & been f*cked up every since

Niggaz don’t like me, but I still love them
God sent a messenger, but Niggaz don’t trust him

Niggaz don’t like when Niggaz use the “N-word”
But Niggaz don’t mind when Niggaz act an “N-word”

If Niggaz are to make it then they need to turn “inward”
But Niggaz don’t like to put God at the center

Niggaz hate Niggaz - but Niggaz love White folks
Niggaz in America walking on a tightrope

Don’t fall – Nigga if you fall ain’t no net there
Stand tall it’s the Final Call – Don’t get left here

Blacks on an Exodus – Niggaz be like, “Wait up!”
“If you want your piece of the pie, just get your weight up.”

Niggaz say opinions – Man Niggaz they don’t need proof
Niggaz living lies - Cuz Niggaz they don’t want Truth

Niggaz don’t listen – They need an intervention
Nigga never even read a book until he went to prison

Cuz Niggaz don’t study – Niggaz like to play with balls
Niggaz like that “lean” – Cuz Niggaz backs’ against the wall

Niggaz like drugs – Cuz Niggaz trying to get away
Niggaz been turned into thugs & been turned gay

Niggaz went savage – They don’t know their nature
Niggaz get ravaged & be dying over paper

Dark specter in a hoodie – Choppa in his waistline
When Niggaz kill Niggaz, Man it ought to be a “Hate Crime”

Government conspiracy – I heard it through the grapevine
We’re the last hired but the first dropped like a baseline

Niggaz make demands, but Niggaz don’t be wanting sh*t
Niggaz be content with a job & a White b*tch

Niggaz don’t believe – Niggaz man they lack faith
Moses said, “Let my people go!” – Nigga Separate!

Niggaz don’t know they’re living out the scripture
Niggaz blind as hell, they don’t see the picture

They don’t hear the music that’s playing in the background
Sign after sign – Man Niggaz need a smackdown

Blind, deaf, dumb and dead – Just like a zombie
& it don’t really matter if it’s Barack or it’s Romney {Niggaz Exist}

Richard Pryor – “Look at that Nigga! Look at him in the middle of the street. Nigga use to be a genius! I ain’t lying. Now the nigga can’t remember who he is…”


released January 7, 2014
Track by Araab Muzik


all rights reserved



Gat Turner Milwaukee, Wisconsin

HipHop FOI, Activist-Lyricist, Soldier-Servant, Writer-Fighter, Word Warrior, Poet of Prophecy, Papa's Choppa, Rifleman that comes 2 lead u 2 the Promised Land.

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