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If They Gun Me Down

by Gat Turner



R.I.P. Dontre Hamilton, R.I.P. Mike Brown, R.I.P. Eric Garner, R.I.P. Derek Williams, R.I.P. Darius Simmons, R.I.P. Renisha McBride, R.I.P. Aiyana Jones, R.I.P. Corey Stingley, R.I.P. Trayvon Martin, R.I.P. Jordan Davis, R.I.P. Sean Bell, R.I.P. Oscar Grant, Free Howard Morgan



Verse 1
If they gun me down today – Don’t you listen to the things that they’ll say
Don’t trip off of them pics they show -In your heart you already know

Chillin' in the park - He fell asleep – Minding his own – Keeping it Peace
For the life of me – I think spitefully - I can’t see why he pulled his heat

She was just standing on the porch - He was just taking out the trash
Devil showed us what life is worth – His little body fell – When she heard the blast

They just left him on the ground – Blood pouring out of him from the round
The Shot that was heard throughout the town - We at war and it’s going down

He was just walking from the store – Didn’t know what he had in store
I’m eating my evidence here’s the proof – His Hands was up devil why u shoot?

Baby girl sleeping on the couch – How can I help you? What’s this about?
Baby girl shot right through her blouse – My mistake – Nigga wrong house

He just stopped a fucking fight – Hands off - What gives you the right
Woke up this morning and saw the light - But he won’t make it through the night

Fuck u talking about he’s a cop – He live right there – that’s his block
Patted him down, Found his glock - 28 shots from a traffic stop

"If they gun me down - Nigga burn it down!" (8x) Chorus

Verse 2
If they gun me down – Then burn it down
Try 2 make a deal - Turn it down

Fuck Snitching Al & Messy Jesse
Picket signs they don’t impress me

Politricks & Apologists
It’s like Palestine & the Gaza Strip

Gate Keepers & the Poverty Pimps
It’s Revolution – Here take a glimpse

Calm down - Wait on the law
U ain’t see what you thought u saw

You ain’t hear what u thought u heard
What the jury said after they conferred

His hands was up – He couldn’t breathe
But Niggas lie – & we disbelieve

It’s open season if u Black
I guess it’s time to start fighting back

I guess time that we separate
We're living lies – & breeding hate

When they asked me why'd u flee the scene
Protect your life by any means

When they ask you why'd u resist arrest
Cuz mama said 'Fight to death!'

It’s time to unify - Man Fuck yo gang!
They killing us Brotha Fuck that chain!

Get your mind right girl – Fuck your brain!
We crying out & they're like - Fuck our pain!

We do the shit Gat to ourselves
Yeah We do the shit and we go 2 jail,

They do the shit then they get off!
Your attempts at justice these devils scoff

This is the hate that hate produced
U should’ve locked the cage – Now the Lion’s loose

Should've locked the cage - Now the Lion's loose


released November 24, 2014
Gat Turner; Araab Muzik


all rights reserved



Gat Turner Milwaukee, Wisconsin

HipHop FOI, Activist-Lyricist, Soldier-Servant, Writer-Fighter, Word Warrior, Poet of Prophecy, Papa's Choppa, Rifleman that comes 2 lead u 2 the Promised Land.

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